Course Open. 1 Temporary Green. No hire buggies (updated 20 February at 09:10)

Following a delayed start due to fog the Captains Weekend men's event got underway at 09:00, unconventionally starting from the 2nd tee.  As the first teams came round to the 11th tee the weather was still doing its worst, however after a few 'prayers' along with several hotdogs and burgers, issued as a delaying tactic, at the 'refreshment area' the fog finally lifted.

A total of 107 players, out of a possible 142 took part in the day, under what best can be described as testing conditions.

The overall winner of the 2016 Captains Day prize and trophy went to Mike Ashley, with Div 1, 2 and 3 prizes and trophies being presented to Tony Brant, Ian Hartley and Angus McIntyre  respectively. 

(Full results available on the website and notice board). 

Congratulations to all prize winners and everyone for taking part and supporting the Captains Charity (MV Freedom), the day raised in the region of £800.




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